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  • Keep critical information in view
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How Vital Works
Task-related checklists and information such as technical drawings or video instructions are displayed in the operator's field of view

The operator and remote team share information and checklists, and share and archive snapshots and video of the operator's point of view

Remote collaborators use realtime voice and text messages and telestration of the operator's point-of-view video to communicate with the operator

Vital in Complex Manufacturing

Vital’s technology reduces assembly errors, time and cost, by connecting engineers in the clean room with their data and their teams.

Our smart glasses technology enables high-skill manual operators to have extra eyes on their task, and hands-free viewing of task-related information, such as checklists and blueprints, within the operator’s field of view.

Vital Technology
  • ODG R-7 Smart Glasses
  • Google Glass

Smart Glasses are revolutionary head-worn computers that incorporate a screen, camera, speaker and microphone, and wireless connectivity. Vital's enterprise software platform integrates with best-in-class glasses from ODG, Google, and more, to deliver augmented and assisted reality tools for manual workers in high-skill high-stakes environments.

Vital's patent-pending ZeroTouch™ technology enables totally hands-free interaction with our data-display and communication capabilities, essential for delicate or sterile manual work and confined spaces. Our security and encryption features enable confident deployment in sensitive environments such as hospitals and R&D laboratories.

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