About Vital Enterprises

Vital Enterprises is an Augmented Reality software startup based in Silicon Valley. Vital creates a secure augmented reality quality assurance solution for highly skilled manual operators in complex manufacturing and field servicing environments. Our patent pending ZeroTouch™ technology for smart glasses delivers entirely hands-free communication capabilities and interaction with our intuitive data-display, essential for delicate manual work and work in confined spaces.

Vital began in August 2013, when veteran software engineers Ash Eldritch and Aaron Vargas and Stanford vascular surgeon Oliver Aalami joined forces at the world's first Google Glass hackathon. The team built a prototype to stream patient vital signs to Google Glass in real time.

Recognizing the tremendous potential of the technology to address the difficulties that knowledge workers have in accessing information and team support while engaged in critical tasks, the three founded Vital to bring their vision to a wide spectrum of environments, from operating rooms to industrial environments and beyond.

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Founder Bios

Ash Eldritch, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
Ash Eldritch is a veteran Software engineer with 17 years’ experience in technology leadership roles. He is also a serial entrepreneur and inventor, founding tech companies in London, Tokyo and San Francisco. Ash built his first invention when he was eight—a fully functioning racing arcade machine made of cardboard and toilet rolls—and still regards this as his greatest achievement.

Aaron Vargas, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer 
Aaron Vargas is a software engineer with 12 years' experience in enterprise and mobile development. Prior to founding Vital Enterprises, Aaron was a Senior Software Engineer at Business Wire, Inc.

Oliver Aalami, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Advisor 
Dr. Aalami is a Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Stanford University.

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