SCM rolls out “Smartech” powered by Vital Enterprises

  •  by Ash Eldritch

    We’re excited to announce that SCM, a technological world leader in processing wood, is rolling out smart technology powered by Vital Enterprises. Integration of Vital’s software for smart glasses into the workplace will streamline many of the day-to-day operations overseen by SCM’s clients worldwide.

    Smartech is focused on optimizing support for SCM’s clients operating powerful machinery. By utilizing Vital’s signature features, users will have instant access to experts from SCM’s technicians around the globe.

    “We are thrilled to partner with SCM and enable them to optimize their technicians’ knowledge and expertise around the globe.” says Ash Eldritch, Co-founder and CEO of Vital Enterprises.“We have worked hard to perfect these features and look forward to expanding our state of the art software to assist more Enterprises in the integration of IIoT and smart tech into their client facing services.”

    Smartech will enhance customer support, quality assurance and workflow optimization using Vital’s signature features, including:

    • Software for smart glasses, tablets, desktop computers, and phones

    • SCM service direct connection

    • Remote support by video streaming

    • Two-way document sharing with live annotations

    • Photo capture and point out

    • Instant chat options

    • Voice recognition

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