Vital Enterprises Unveils Secure Quality Assurance Software for Smart Glasses in Complex Manufacturing Enterprises

  •  by Ash Eldritch

    Software Platform to Provide Technicians With Point-of-Work Instructions, Collaboration and Documentation Capabilities on Industry-Leading Smart Glasses From ODG and Google

    / – SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired - June 01, 2016) - Vital Enterprises, an innovator of software and services for smart glasses, today revealed new security, scalability and platform enhancements, new workflow capabilities, and full support for ODG’s best-in-class R-7 smart glasses in the latest version of its software platform, Vital View 2.0. Vital View enhances an enterprise’s quality assurance procedures through networked and wearable smart glasses. The platform reduces production risks and expensive rework in manufacturing environments by minimizing human error and increasing worker efficiency. Vital View provides task instructions that are glanceable and hands free; auditable photo logging of work completed; and real-time point-of-view telepresence for remote quality inspections and expert support.

    Shelley Peterson, Emerging Technologies Project Lead at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, commented: “We are investigating smart glasses in the production environment because we see a tremendous opportunity to reduce process times, effort and rework while improving quality. Smart glasses are one of the most innovative ways to give our hands-on workers access to the task instructions, data, applications and expert support at the precise times they need it, for results.”

    Enhanced functionality in Vital View for smart glasses and mobile devices

    Vital View, now deployed for two years in production environments, is designed specifically for smart glasses in demanding manufacturing environments. Vital View 2.0 introduces significant “assisted reality” features:

    • Workflow integration – Work instructions and related media such as schematics and videos are now easy to access as they are completed within a structured workflow.
    • Virtualized workspaces – Vital brings the information needed to complete a task into the physical space around the wearer, where it is accessible at a glance, while keeping the wearer’s view of the work site clear and unobstructed.
    • ZeroTouch 2.0 hands-free interaction – Improved head gesture recognition enables workers to navigate through information and select features while keeping their hands engaged with the job at hand.
    • Enhanced remote collaboration capabilities – Remote collaboration with co-workers or experts who are not available in the work field helps workers navigate trouble spots in the work process, or ensures that they have support and training at the exact time it’s needed during the completion of a task.
    • R-7 Support – Full support for Osterhout Design Group’s best-in-class R-7 smart glasses.
    • Enhanced security – Industry-standard authentication and end-to-end encryption enables deployment in high-security environments.
    • Vital Update – Over-the-air software updates, remote device administration and tracking enables simple version and security management.

    A recent survey of operations professionals, conducted by the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) and commissioned by Vital Enterprises, revealed that momentum is steadily building toward enterprise adoption of smart glasses technology. While many industries could benefit from implementation, enterprises in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences and manufacturing sectors are proving to be the earliest adopters with clear advantages to gain. Of companies surveyed, 45% cite that a need for increased productivity is the major factor driving smart glasses adoption, while 31% predict that smart glasses will help to reduce errors and rework. 64% report that reducing or eliminating downtime is a key driver to adoption of smart glasses technology. 90% claim that the ability to verify and record work processes through smart glasses will help in meeting organizational compliance requirements, and 78% of survey respondents say that the ability to accelerate completion of tasks via step-by-step instructions at the point of work is a key driver to smart glasses adoption.

    “Vital View delivers a powerful wearable quality assurance tool on smart glasses,” said Ash Eldritch, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer for Vital Enterprises. “As we’ve worked closely with our large-scale manufacturing customers across government and private enterprise, we’ve enhanced the functionality of the platform to include new features that are fundamental to delivering a return on investment for smart glasses in the enterprise. Features such as real-time, two-way communication between technicians and remote experts, hands-free access to work instructions and checklists, and enhanced auditing and quality assurance capabilities are top priorities for our customers.”


    About Vital Enterprises

    Vital Enterprises’ software platform Vital View leverages smart glasses to deliver an Assisted Reality quality assurance and productivity tool for complex manufacturers. It empowers operations executives to exceed production targets, reduce risk and reduce costs through advanced capabilities: hands-free, glanceable work instructions, real-time video telepresence, and documenting work completed. Vital Enterprises is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit or contact the team at (650) 394 6486.

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