Vital in Medical

Vital's mission is to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency, by connecting surgeons in the operating room with their data and their teams.

Our HIPAA-compliant technology leverages Smart Glasses to deliver critical data and communications directly to surgical teams.

Vital signs, endoscopy and fluoroscopy video, and radiology images are streamed on demand into the surgical field-of-view.

We enable remote collaboration through sharing the surgeon's point of view with team members throughout the hospital, voice and text communication, and seamless data sharing.

All of this is possible completely hands-free - essential for the operating room - with Smart Glasses and our head-gesture input technology.

How Vital Works

Team Collaboration, hands-free

Communication amongst team members is critical. Vital is a HIPAA compliant communication and telepresence solution that enables remote assistance and team coordination in real-time. Vital leverages smart glasses to share the wearer’s surgical point-of-view with remote team members on their phones or tablets, and allows the remote team member to annotate that point of view to highlight features in the wearer's view. All this, completely hands-free.

  • Audio & text conversation
  • Stream point-of-view video to remote viewers
  • Share camera snapshots with hands-free zoom
  • Share annotation of snapshots

Information Always in View

For a surgeon, having full situational awareness supports optimal patient outcomes. With Vital, you can keep all your medical imagery directly in your field of view, significantly reducing the need to turn away from your patient to look at the monitor. Vital allows viewing a patient’s vital signs, endoscopy and fluoroscopy video feeds and reference imagery completely hands-free directly within your surgical field of view.

  • View real-time patient vitals
  • View X-rays and MRIs with hands-free zoom and pan
  • View real-time endoscopy & fluoroscopy video